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These are few of the websites I've created! With all my projects, I want to convey the tone and energy of the business as best as I can. Websites should be moving, breathing, and when people land on your site, they should fully understand what it is your business does.

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Nomich Games is a small, family-run tabletop game publishing company that I founded. For this project, we created our main informational site, as well as a full-fledged E-Commerce site.


Levity Theatre is an improv comedy theatre in Coeur D’Alene, ID. I wanted this site to feel fun, professional, and high-energy.

WordPress + WooCommerce

The Warrior Rising is a website that promotes a natural lifestyle, with an emphasis on natural building, gardening, and self-sufficency. We wanted this stie to feel natural, earthy, professional, and inviting. We also have E-Commerce functionality set up on the site to sell digital goods.