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Brand Identity

Godwill Ministries

Godwill Ministries is a fundraising ministry serving families in need, both locally and abroad.

This logo was supposed to be warm, inviting, soft, strong, and friendly, as well as modern and professional. It would be used on the company’s website, social media, business cards, promotional material, post cards, and shirts. The logo had to be versatile and recognizable at a small scale, and in print.

Final Logo Design, in both the Full-Color and Single-Color variants.

The final logo mark design is a dove, which represents peace, love, and also shows going out. The dove also has a lot of symbolism and ties back to the Bible, such as in the story of Noah. The logo is in a circular shape, which represents going out all across the world, serving people.

For the font, I went with a simple, modern sans-serif type to show the ministry’s professionalism. I also customized it so that it has a little subtle person in the “i” to represent that the organization serves people. The font is also very delicate, but at the same time, bold.

The overall color scheme exudes professionalism, royalty, gentleness, and boldness.

Primary and Secondary Fonts
How the fonts are used in context