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Headshot of Noah Johnson (me!)
Hi, I'm Noah!

A Bit
About Me

I'm a graphic designer.

Hi! I’m Noah, a Graphic Designer and Motion Graphics animator, specializing in animated videos for tabletop games, bold typography, and logo design! I have been at this since 2015 and am always looking to expand my skills, abilities, and connections!

I make animated videos for tabletop games. Check out this video to see my 15-second promo, and visit my Tabletop Animation page to see more! If you’re wanting a video like this to promote your new game, or a fully-animated How-To-Play video, please contact me!

I also animate logos. If you have a logo that you’re wanting to be animated, hit me up! You can see some of my logo animations on my Logo Animation page!

I also just design logos! If you’d like to see some of my logo design work, visit my Logos page!